Blog post July 16th by Marque Marry

The day began with a buzz about the fabulous art that we were heading to after meeting with our guides. We were all fortunate enough to see beautifully detailed statues on our walk to and through the well known landmark, the Uffizi Gallery. Many of us had a favorite piece that we were looking forward to, and some were even returning for a second time at the Gallery. Once you walk into Piazza della Signora and Uffizi Gallery it is difficult to know just where to look, art was at every turn, even on the ceiling and outside! The sculptures that were placed in different areas outside of the Gallery walls were those of famous writers, politicians, and philosophers. Historical figures such as Giovanni Boccaccio looked down at those passing through the streets, and his words about the Plague that struck Rome in 1348 struck at a different level in our current situation, “To have compassion for those who suffer is a human quality which everyone should possess, especially those who have required comfort themselves in the past and have managed to find it in others.’ Boccaccio, from his writing The Decameron. The grandiose structure was so detailed, so we all wondered what treasures awaited us inside of the art filled so we all wondered what treasures awaited us inside of the art filled walls. 

The inside was overwhelming with famous art from artists such as Michelangelo,  Leonardo da Vinci, and Botticelli. The pieces such as The Birth of Venus, Primavera, The Annunciation, and Doni Tondo were awe inspiring in detail and they allowed us to have wonderful conversations with one another after seeing them. The ceilings were covered as we walked from room to room, and Dante Alighieri’s eyes seemed to follow us as we continued on our journey. The stop at the Statue of David the day before and these world renowned pieces today was such a humbling experience. The attention to detail  A huge thank you, although words could never truly express how grateful we all are, to Classrooms Without Borders for allowing us to experience some of the most well known pieces of art work in the world. We now can all take this excitement and knowledge back into our classrooms and further share this with our families and students. 

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