CWB’s Erica Fox Zabusky on Stage

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Prime Stage Theatre’s production of “Witness for the Prosecution,” set in 1950s London, captivates audiences with its compelling narrative and talented cast. Erica Fox Zabusky, CWB’s operations manager, known for her versatility in both acting and singing, shines in the role of Janet Mackenzie. Directed by Ponny Conomos Jahn, this adaptation of Agatha Christie’s classic explores timely themes of xenophobia, misogyny, and societal expectations. David Nackman, portraying Myers, highlights the play’s examination of social issues, offering audiences a thought-provoking theatrical experience. With its blend of drama and humor, “Witness for the Prosecution” promises to entertain and provoke discussion. Don’t miss this captivating production at the New Hazlett Center for Performing Arts from May 3-12.

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