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Resilience Rising: Amplifying Voices of Hope

Sunday, September 22 @ 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm EDT

Get ready to be inspired by

Resilience Rising: Amplifying Voices of Hope


Embark on a powerful journey from the Kindertransport era to present-day battles against hate and discrimination. Stay tuned for details on community events, a traveling exhibit, and the profound personal narratives, songs, and poetry that will captivate you.

Coming this Fall! Opening Event September 22nd 2024
  • Exhibition Tours: Guided tours of “Für das Kind / For the Child” at community centers, and educational institutions, offering insight into Kindertransport history and personal stories behind the artifacts.
  • Speaker Series: Events featuring Kindertransport survivors, historians, and experts, discussing topics like its impact on families and communities, with interactive Q&A sessions.
  • School Outreach Program: Integrating Kindertransport history into school curricula, providing resources, lesson plans, and virtual classroom visits by survivors or experts, along with student projects and oral history interviews.
  • Community Storytelling Workshops: Workshops exploring family histories, connections to the Kindertransport, or themes of displacement and resilience, culminating in public sharing events.
  • Film Screenings and Panel Discussions: Screenings of related documentaries followed by discussions with filmmakers, scholars, and survivors, delving into historical context and contemporary relevance.
  • Art and Memory Workshops: Art-based workshops allowing participants to create works inspired by Kindertransport themes, fostering creative expression and reflection on personal and collective memory.



Sunday, September 22
6:00 pm - 8:00 pm EDT
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