Caring for Hate

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Hate has plagued mankind since the beginning of recorded history and has powerful consequences. Before we can properly combat its existence or treat its effects, we must be able to define what it is, and assess and evaluate it. This expansive lesson uses this investigative and diagnostic lens to help battle the problem of hate. First, students grapple with defining and conceptualizing “human hate.” Next, they assess the signs and symptoms of hate by evaluating how it has been displayed throughout human history. The lesson builds to a call for student action. Given the knowledge gained within the lesson, students are tasked to take action to help address or combat hate.

Within the lesson, antisemitism is used as a case study for hate. Students delve deeper into this specific brand of hatred and more specifically, at the worst antisemitic tragedy in U.S. History – the Tree of Life Synagogue Attack. In order to honor the victims, students are tasked with creating a plan for a potential Tree of Life Memorial.

Suggested Technology: Computer for Presenter, Projector, Laptops for Students, Internet Connection

Instructional Time: 5 hours.


  • Ateret Cope
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The following lesson plan was written as part of Classrooms Without Borders' Call for Lesson Plans about antisemitism and hate, in commemoration of the shooting at the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh.

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