Healing Through Haiku

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Students will learn how to use poetry, and especially haiku, to come to terms with the emotions brought forth by the anniversary of the Tree of Life massacre in a post-Holocaust world. They will read selected poems from the book I Never Saw Another Butterfly, a collection of poetry written by children living in the Terezin concentration camp.

They will view a series of photos taken by National Geographic photographer Lynn Johnson of the Squirrel Hill community coming together after the massacre. They will then write their own haiku about what they are seeing and feeling. The lesson will culminate in a poetry reading and discussion on how poetry and art itself can be a force to combat antisemitism and hate in our culture.


Suggested Technology: Computer for Presenter, Projector, Internet Connection.

Instructional Time: 2 hours.


  • Ateret Cope
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The following lesson plan was written as part of Classrooms Without Borders' Call for Lesson Plans about antisemitism and hate, in commemoration of the shooting at the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh.

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