Remembering ‘Tree of Life’… “Never again, means NEVER AGAIN!”

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Learners will learn about the Tree of Life shooting as an event and as a piece of a larger narrative of antisemitism, discrimination and racial issues within the United States. This lesson is geared toward Middle school age students with sensitivity in mind. The lesson is 1:1 compatible as well as compatible for a traditional classroom.

Students will explore essential questions that encourage them to think locally and globally. Students will gain an understanding of key vocabulary such as violence, hate crimes, antisemitism, and tolerance. Students will evaluate primary sources and use comparative tools to analyze the material and make connections.

There is also a STEAM element where students will have opportunities to synthesize their emotions, feelings, and reactions to the lesson through artistic means. This lesson appeals to a variety of learners, using a number of platforms and differentiated cognitive ability levels.


Suggested Technology: Computer for Presenter, Projector, Laptops for Students, Computer Room, Internet Connection, Speakers/Headphones.

Instructional Time: 2 hours.


  • Ateret Cope
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The following lesson plan was written as part of Classrooms Without Borders' Call for Lesson Plans about antisemitism and hate, in commemoration of the shooting at the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh.

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