The “Carlos Project” – Teaching Culture and Language in Your Classroom

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  • Ateret Cope
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We are teachers in the Pittsburgh area who had the opportunity to travel throughout Spain in 2018 with the organization, Classrooms Without Borders (CWB). CWB is a non-profit organization that seeks to give classroom educators hands-on experiences in places where Jewish populations have been significantly impacted by anti-semitism and oppression.  By using the country as the textbook, CWB strives to inspire educators and students to embrace diversity and promote universal human values of tolerance, altruism, forgiveness, courage and faith in humanity; Classrooms Without Borders teaches the past and present in order to create future change. Classrooms Without Borders educational seminar in Spain examined Spain's long history as a major player both on the European and global stages (read: the Age of Discovery) and its role as a "living laboratory" in the conversation between two great monotheistic faiths – Christianity and Islam – with a third – Judaism,  a major participant. Educators who had the honor of being selected to participate in this learning experience returned to their professional environments energized, inspired and motivated to translate what they learned and experienced to their students.

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