Poland Personally June 22, 2022 by Sondra Ettlinger

By Sondra Ettlinger

This morning, 6/22/2022 I visited the cemetery in Ostrowiec (with a guide) where I am certain my Great Grandparents and many ancient family members are buried.  However, there is no longer any way to identify the graves as the tombstones were mostly destroyed by the Nazis, and many stones that survived were used to pave streets and as foundations for homes.  Many fragments remain in piles, and there are even some grave stones in the cemetery now, but they are simply lined up along one side of a small fenced in area that was once about 10% of the original cemetery.  The tomb stones are weathered, and some have been vandalized.

Nonetheless, it was moving to actually walk the space that must have been meaningful in my families’ past.

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