Remembering by Zenon Cieslak

The cherry on top of a rather strenuous trip came in an exhibition of tourism. The Wieliczka Salt Mine was a welcome change of pace as compared to visiting Auschwitz only 2 days prior. A visit to what was once the lifeblood of a medieval Polish economy long ago reminded me to not only consider the lessons learned on this trip through the lens of the Holocaust but to broaden my horizon and seek to apply them to all facets of life I may encounter. Specifically, I have learned to cherish the value of relationships in trying times and their profound effect on one’s outlook on life.

Following the somber moments and shedding of tears, the group is now filled with bouts of laughter and practical jokes—an outlook revised. As I write this I am currently immersed in what has been jokingly named “the last supper” an event to solidify the (hopefully) lifelong memories and friendships I have made. A final joyful meal shared with the strangers I met a only short week ago juxtaposed the faith I had lost in humanity after bearing witness to the evil mankind is capable of. As David Sarnoff once said, “Let us not paralyze our capacity for good by brooding of man’s capacity for evil.”

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