What the Fact?! Teaching Guide


Why Teach this Book?

A Letter to Educators from the Author

Dear Teacher,

Thank you for bringing What the Fact?! into your classroom. I hope the book activates and energizes your teaching on critical thinking, media literacy, and digital literacy as they relate to civics, history, journalism, science, math, and English curricula. Thank you for teaching these essential topics!

This teaching guide contains chapter summaries and classroom activities that bring to life the concepts and anecdotes you’ll discover in What the Fact?! With exercises that put readers in the hot seat as social media bosses and newsroom editors, this guide includes activities that explore the impact of social media algorithms, investigate the way our biases impact our beliefs, and offers step-by-step instructions for effectively debunking myths. There are games that build mental resilience and protect against falling for false information so that we can “BS-proof” our brains.

I hope this guide proves fun and useful. In addition to this teaching guide, you can contact the Pulitzer Center education team to request a free virtual class visit from one of their journalists who can further explore these topics with your students. Please visit www.pulitzercenter.org/journalist-visits for more information.

Thank you for being our frontline defense against the viral spread of misinformation and disinformation. Myself and the team at Simon & Schuster and the Pulitzer Center hope that you enjoy teaching What the Fact?!

Dr. Seema Yasmin


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