Rabbi Jonathan “Jonty” Blackman

Rabbi Jonathan “Jonty” Blackman has led many seminars and missions in Poland and Israel, including CWB’s Poland Personally seminar, and is a gifted educator and a fascinating storyteller. Jonty has a unique way of connecting his teachings to his audience, such that their experience of learning leaves a deep and enduring impact on their lives. He weaves together Jewish history with philosophy, culture with archaeology, and the tragedy of the Holocaust with probing, source-based theological questions. His intricate knowledge of Jewish history and the Holocaust, combined with his analytical and sensitive approach to challenging philosophical questions offers students a profound educational experience. Jonty lives in Israel and is originally from South Africa.

In his virtual tours, Jonty Blackman combines layers of knowledge of the Land, history, archaeology, politics, religion, Torah and more. He runs the sessions as if he’s telling a story, taking participants on a journey of discovery through the Land of Israel. Through the use of modern and ancient visuals, he brings stories to life and connects the dots in an exciting and inspiring way. He takes his ‘audience’ on a virtual geographic tour, while also taking them on a tour through history.

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