2023 Vienna-Prague Study Seminar

July 3, 2023 - July 13, 2023

July 3, 2023 - July 13, 2023:

2023 Seminar is FULL! If you would like to be considered for 2023 waitlist submit your application soon!


2023 Seminar is FULL! If you would like to be considered for 2023 waitlist submit your application soon!


What are some of the first names that come to mind when we think of Vienna? Freud, Mahler, Zweig…all twentieth century (Jewish) cultural icons.

  We will be Visiting Vienna’s Jewish and non-Jewish sites as well as the Mauthausen & Hartheim Concentration camps. In Prague we will explore the rich Jewish culture through the many medieval synagogues there. We will also tour the Castle and the Old Town of Prague and explore the many Art-Nouveau architectural treasures. In 1933, there were some 250,000 Jews living in Austria. By 1945 less than 10,000 Austrian Jews had survived the Holocaust in hiding or in the Camps. Half of the Commandants of the Nazi extermination camps were Austrian! After the War, Austrian courts managed to acquit the majority of Nazi war criminals. Come join our Vienna-Prague Study Seminar as we examine the history of Austro-Hungarian Jewry with a special emphasis on Austria and Czechoslovakia. We will dive deeply into what transpired before, during and after the War. Our aim is to follow the trajectory of Austrian collaboration, denial and finally contrition for their actions during the Holocaust. Our seminar will also delve into the major contributions that Austrian and Czech Jews made to their homelands and to the world. Finally, we will  examine where these two Central European countries stand with regards to current antisemitism, their relationship to Israel and how they deal with contemporary moral crises such as the Ukrainian refugee situation. For more information, please email [email protected]


Tentative itinerary: 2023 Vienna-Prague Study Seminar
Sunday, July 2: Depart from destination for arrival into Vienna on Monday, July 3.
Monday, July 3: Group arrival and transport to the hotel.
Tuesday, July 4: Jewish District, Vienna Theme of the Day: The Pre-1938 Austrian Jewish Community, A Community Filled With Strength and Spirit Sites and Activities: Leopoldstadt, Holocaust Memorial at Judenplatz, Memorial against War and Fascism at Albertinaplatz, and the Stadttempel Temple. Freud Museum and finally the Jewish Cemetery Seegasse, and Währinger Cemetery (guided). Note: ID will be needed to enter some of the sites today Educational Goals:
  • To learn about the Jewish community that existed and flourished prior to 1938
  • To reflect and understand the context of the Jewish monuments throughout the city
  • To recognize the importance and sanctity of the Jewish Cemeteries

Wednesday, July 5: Vienna Theme of the Day: Documentation, Research, Education, and Remembrance Sites and Activities: Vienna Wiesenthal Institute for Holocaust Studies, Jewish Victims of the Shoah Memorial Educational Goals:
  • Understanding the importance of research and documentation of the Holocaust
  • Highlight the development of Holocaust projects, and teaching methods
  • To comprehend the significance of providing a space for each victim name, thereby returning their human dignity

Thursday, July 6: Vienna Theme of the Day: Vienna Today Sites and Activities: Aspang Train Station Memorial, Schönbrunn Palace, Belvedere Palace, the Museum Quarter Educational Goals:
  • To enable the participants to reflect at a memorial created for the 47,035 Austrian Jews that were deported from Aspang Railway Station to be murdered
  • To learn about the Nazi “Central Agency for Jewish Emigration” in Vienna, and its plans for the Austrian Jews
  • To recognize the conditions that the Jewish people were subjected to under the hand of the Nazis

Friday, July 7: Vienna - Salzburg Theme of the Day: The Nazi Persecution of Jews, and Germans with Mental and Physical Disabilities, as well as other targeted “inferior” people Sites and Activities: Hartheim (guide from Hartheim), Mauthausen Concentration Camp (guide from Mauthausen) Educational Goals:
  • To examine the history of Hartheim, and recognize who was involved or implicate
  • To understand that bystanders, are people who witness but are not directly affected by the actions of perpetrators, can help shape society by their reactions
  • To recognize Mauthausen as a former crime scene that has now become a physical and spiritual place of memory for those that were murdered
  • To learn the history of the Mauthausen concentration camp, and the diverse population that was forced into the camp
  • To learn how female prisoners were exploited and forced to become sex workers for the camp

Saturday, July 8: Salzburg Theme of the Day: Jewish Life in Salzburg - Past and Present Sites and Activities: Salzburg Synagogue, Judengasse (Jews’ Lane), Hohensalzburg Fortress, Salzburg Cathedral, and the birthplace of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Educational Goals:
  • To gain an understanding about the local Jewish community, its challenges, and its achievements
  • To learn about the pre-war/post-war history of the synagogue
  • To identify the various challenges faced by the Jews since the 13th century
  • To allow the participants to analyze the historical significance of the Judengasse; subsequently contributing to the culture in Salzburg
  • To recognize the unique architecture of the city

Sunday, July 9: Salzburg - Cesky Krumlov - Prague Theme of the Day: Cesky Krumlov - Exploring the Architectural Heritage in a small European Medieval Town Sites and Activities: Cesky Krumlov Educational Goals:
  • To learn about the history of Cesky Krumlov
  • To observe the rich culture of the town

Monday, July 10: Prague Theme of the Day: Exploring and Examining Jewish Preserved Sites in Prague Sites and Activities: Strahov Library, Prague Castle Complex, Lobkowicz Palace, Jewish Quarter in Old Town, Maisel Synagogue, Pinkas Synagogue, Old Jewish Cemetery, Klausen Synagogue, Ceremonial Hall, High Synagogue, Jewish Town Hall, Alt-Neu Shul, and Spanish Synagogue. Educational Goals:
  • To explore and learn about the history of Lobkowicz Palace
  • To experience a valued and well-preserved collection of books in an historical library
  • To learn about the history of the Jewish Quarter
  • To examine the various cultural influences and styles amongst the preserved synagogues
  • To meet present members of the Jewish community in Prague

Tuesday, July 11: Terezin, Lidice Theme of the Day: Terezin and Lidice - Nazi Oppression and Murder Sites and Activities: Terezin Ghetto-Labor Camp, Lidice Educational Goals:
  • To learn about Terezin, the transit camp for German, Austrian and Czech Jew
  • To learn about the importance of of Terezin within Nazi propaganda
  • To recognize the highly developed cultural life in the ghetto
  • To learn about the unique daily life of the 15,000 children that passed through Terezin
  • To examine the tragic history of the small town of Lidice
  • To identify Nazi goals of propaganda, by using Lidice to document the repercussions of resisting German rule

Wednesday, July 12: Theme of the Day: Sites and Activities: Jubilee Synagogue (Jerusalem Synagogue), Powder Tower, Municipal House, Na Prikope Street, and Wenceslas Square Educational Goals: Prague Today - Meeting with Local Jewish Community Members
  • To learn about the unique history of the Jubilee Synagogue
  • To meet with the current Jewish community members
  • To experience the beauty of the Municipal House

Thursday, July 13: Departure: Transfer to the airport will be arranged with hotel check-out three hours prior to your flight.


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