Classrooms Without Borders is partnering with HaifaTeenTech to bring Pittsburgh Youth to Israel

Israel’s 1st International Technological Competition For Young Entrepreneurs

This initiative is aimed to expose young technological entrepreneurs to the advantages of the state of Israel and of the city of Haifa as a scientific and technological world center. Young, willing, highly motivated boys and girls that have “what it takes” to confront face to face with cutting edge digital technology may take part in this endeavor. The journey to Israel and the participation in the competition will be the beginning of an ongoing, intellectual and emotional bond. Those who will choose to participate will be exposed to the very best of minds in Israel, the ones that made it what is known today as the start-up nation.

Founding partners

  • Municipality of Haifa
  • Technion-Israel institute of Technology University of Haifa
  • AlterNet

Mission Statement

To create a long lasting connection for youth from all over the world to Israel, through the amazing examples and cases of innovation and remarkable entrepreneurship vibe in Haifa. To position and characterize brand Haifa as a city of science, technology and innovation for youth in Israel and around the world.

To inspire technological innovation and entrepreneurship tools in young boys and girls. To have youth from all over the world embrace Israel as a leading technological country.


  • To create a virtual technological incubator located in Haifa for youth in Israel and around the world
  • To establish a long lasting base for youth all over the world to collaborate over
  • technological issues with the support of world class scientists and global companies located in Haifa.
  • To mentor participants of the program to be the next big startups leaders by learning and developing in Haifa.

Project outline

  • During March-April 2019, hundreds of participants in schools all over the world submit candidacy.
  • Attendees, the finalists - 70 young boys and girls (Commemorating the 70th anniversary of the state of Israel) in the ages of 16-18. 35 from Israel and 35 international.
  • During the 8 days journey, the teams will get to know one another, experience Israel and Haifa in ways corresponding with the theme of the competition, meet scientists, researchers and representatives of the Technion, Rambam hospital, and Hi-tech and start-up companies. An optional touristic weekend will be offered.
  • A committee, headed by Nobel Laureate Prof. Avraham Hershko, composed of Haifa’s top researchers and representatives will choose the candidates based on technologica, public activity excellence and recommendations of teachers, principals and community leaders.
    The participants would be divided into mixed work groups; each group will have an assigned mentor and a mission to generate and promote innovative solutions in safe and healthy living.
  • The competition will be refereed by a professional committee of the highest scientific level.
    All participants, will be invited to continue the innovative activity in a virtual technological incubator designated exclusively for this program veterans. This “exclusive club of young entrepreneurs” will serve as the main tool for the ongoing relationship among the young participants after the completion ends.
  • Early bird fee registration by December 22nd, 2018 USD990* (Fee to be paid upon acceptance)

    Standard fee registration by January 15, 2018 USD1,100* (Fee to be paid upon acceptance)

    Scholarships available. Application deadline for scholarships: December 22nd, 2018.
    Notification of acceptance: March 1st, 2019

    *TeenHaifa is able to provide financial aid. For more information go to Shira's Fund.

Optional Weekend at Jerusalem and Dead Sea available (at extra cost)

Space is limited! Apply NOW to save your spots!

For more information and to apply: www.haifateentech.co.il

To Apply fill out the form using the SUBSCRIBE Link

After applying online complete the process by sending an email to Melissa Haviv [email protected] to let us know you are applying.



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