Yad Vashem Seminar: Teaching The Holocaust – For Teachers in Supplemental Jewish Schools/Programs

Yad Vashem Seminar: Teaching The Holocaust

Yad Vashem Seminar: Teaching The Holocaust:

For Teachers in Supplemental Jewish Schools and Programs


Classrooms Without Borders is working in conjunction with Yad Vashem to bring local educators in Jewish schools to Yad Vashem, Jerusalem.

The seminar will be offered July 20th -28th, 2017

Apply early! Enrollment is limited to 10 participants.

Teaching The Holocaust -for teachers in supplemental Jewish schools

The seminar for educators in Jewish Day Schools is a twelve day, intensive program focusing on helping teachers develop the skills needed to create curriculum and content for Shoah studies and to deliver that content in the most compelling way possible. The seminar is historically based, with interdisciplinary approaches to enable the educators to understand the Shoah in its complexity. Using the unique Yad Vashem pedagogical approach, modeled lessons, and collegial interaction, participants will be empowered to create individual Shoah Study programs tailored to their respective schools.

Among the topics studied, under the guidance of world famous professors and teachers, are;



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