Classrooms Without Borders (CWB) was founded in 2011 by Dr. Zipora Gur, in association with the Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh

Committed to Meaningful Professional Development

CWB is a premier provider of experiential, extended-term professional development for teachers and educational leaders. Offering unique travel experiences enriched with academic literature and direct application to classroom instruction, CWB prides itself on offering comprehensive seminars with a breadth and depth of content not seen anywhere else.

In contrast to traditional in-service training programs, CWB’s approach includes more in-depth study and immersion in work-related learning opportunities for educators. CWB is committed to creating relevant and impactful professional development opportunities for educators, while also forging a supportive professional network amongst participants to strengthen ties between peers and experts. CWB focuses on helping teachers learn through hands-on activities that employ the Study Seminar destinations as the textbook and the accompanying scholar or guide as the facilitator.

Upon returning home, CWB participants will have a more thorough understanding of the subject matter, as well as effective tools through which to share their new perspectives with colleagues and students.

Since CWB’s inception in 2011, the organization, under the guidance of Dr. Gur, has provided more than 1,785 educators from private, parochial and public schools the opportunity to learn in Israel, Poland, Germany, Greece, and other surrounding countries. Primarily serving educators in Southwestern Pennsylvania, Wheeling, West Virginia and Akron, Ohio, CWB continues to steadily grow its reach every year.

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