I believe that Classroom Without Borders provides teachers like myself an experience that one cannot get at any conference or other seminar.

~ James Fleming | Beacon College

Classrooms Without Borders offers unique travel experiences enriched with academic literature and direct application to classroom instruction, CWB prides itself on offering comprehensive seminars with a breadth and depth of content not seen anywhere else.

In contrast to traditional in-service training programs, CWB’s approach includes more in-depth study and immersion in work-related learning opportunities for educators. CWB focuses on helping teachers learn through hands-on activities that employ the Study Seminar destinations as the textbook and the accompanying scholar or guide as the facilitator.

Upon returning home, CWB participants will have a more thorough understanding of the subject matter, as well as effective tools through which to share their new perspectives with colleagues and students.

CWB Programs Stand Out Because:

  • We empower our educators and students to experience history deeply, personally, and intellectually;
  • We create people-to-people encounters between our teacher/student participants and change agents in The USA, Israel, Europe and across the Globe;
  • We cultivate a community of dedicated educators who learn together and share insights. This cross-fertilization of ideas promotes educational excellence;
  • We enable our participants to intensify their exploration of their field of expertise;
  • We challenge our teachers and student to examine and grapple with moral and ethical dilemmas facing other societies;
  • We help our participants integrate their experiences into the classrooms upon returning from the travel seminar

Our participants return to their professional environments energized, inspired, and motivated to translate what they learned and experienced to their students.

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