2024 Marching Down “Freedom’s Road”: Civil Rights to the Black Freedom Movement

Join us as we explore the Civil Rights and Black Freedom Movement

in 2024!

June 16-24 2024

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Experience the roots of the Black-led freedom movement, the "long civil rights movement," and contemporary activism. Learn with us the history, the successes and ongoing challenges for the movement. Our Seminar will begin in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, then on to Greensboro North Carolina, Atlanta, Georgia on through Montgomery, Selma, Birmingham, Alabama,Memphis, Tennessee culminating in Lousville Kentucky. This seminar will focus on those who took up Rustin’s challenge and sought to agitate the right questions as they struggled for freedom and rights during the 20th century in the United States.  Starting with the rumblings of discontent that preceded World War Two, we will explore the deep roots of the Black-led freedom movement, the “long civil rights movement,” and contemporary activism.  This somewhat expanded timeline offers participants new ways of thinking about the nature and dimension of the movement and its leadership.  Instead of limiting our study to the classroom, this program promises to blend site visits and readings with workshops led by museum curators, opportunities to hear first-hand testimonials, and tours of key sites.

The educational narrative will emphasize four main concepts:

  • Freedom and Rights
  • Civil Unrest
  • Learning from our Past
  • Contemporary Activism
~PA ACT 48 Credit Hours and/or Documentation of Continuing Education Hours available per request. For more information, please email [email protected]




Please see below for videos and resources relating to our Marching Down Freedom's Road Seminar.



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