Opening minds and hearts through learning experiences that transform education and empower educators and students to combat discrimination, injustice, and hate.

Classrooms Without Borders has four major tenets surrounding the core of our mission:


The power of educators can impact and influence the culture and climate to create a more global community.


Recognition and understanding of other traditions inspires cross-cultural tolerance and respect.


Collaboration and communication creates a world without borders, promoting tolerance and combating discrimination.


Understanding the roots of antisemitism and its contemporary manifestations exposes the dangers of hatred and intolerance.

These tenets shape the programming, partnerships, and strategy for the entirety of the organization.


CWB is committed to creating relevant and impactful professional development opportunities for educators, while also forging a supportive professional network among participants to strengthen ties between peers and experts.

CWB strives to:

  • Inspire educators and students by promoting universal human values of diversity, altruism, forgiveness, courage, respect and faith in humanity through programs and services
  • Understand the roots of antisemitism and their contemporary manifestations to expose the dangers of hatred and intolerance to a healthy and functioning society.
  • Strengthen Holocaust and Israel Education by connecting teachers and scholars through experiential professional development travel seminars, immersing participants in foreign history and culture in order to enrich classroom learning.

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