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Lessons in Resilience from the Holocaust and Genocide with Wolf Gruner: Resisters. How Ordinary Jews fought Persecution in Hitler’s Germany

Wednesday, August 28 @ 2:00 pm - 3:30 pm EDT
ZOOM | Registration required and closes 30 minutes prior to the start of the program

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Resilience Rising: Amplifying Voices of Hope

Sunday, September 22 @ 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm EDT

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Lesson Plans

Effective lesson plans and curricula for teaching students about the Holocaust, genocide, hate, cultural differences, and more.



Our curated collection of valuable resources from around the web, covering the Holocaust, genocide, hate, and cultural and racial tolerance.

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On This Day

Collection of student research to uncover and share the personal histories of the individuals during World War II and the Holocaust.

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Explore the sites and experiences of our Travel Study Seminars through the eyes of the participants

Pittsburghers gain insights on Civil Rights Movement during Deep South tour

Pittsburgh-area educators and students extended their classrooms by traveling 700 miles to explore the Civil Rights Movement in depth. From June 16-24, the learning cohort journeyed through Atlanta, Montgomery, Selma,…

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Remembering by Zenon Cieslak

The cherry on top of a rather strenuous trip came in an exhibition of tourism. The Wieliczka Salt Mine was a welcome change of pace as compared to visiting Auschwitz…

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Poland by David Young

This day was basically the only day when we didn’t focus on the Holocaust. It was a nice break and certainly a needed halt from studying and learning about the…

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Visiting this place and thereby telling a story from my past and connecting it to the history of the world is very intriguing and engaging. We want our students to be engaged in our lessons and this is a guaranteed way to do that.

Anne Holly Neely  •  teacher

For me, learning about the Holocaust and seeing the Holocaust sites are two different concepts. In some regard, learning and reading allows you to have a sense of self-fulfillment that you understand what you read, but when you visually encounter these atrocities, this all changes…I expected to only learn, but we did so much more. We commemorated, we remembered, and we celebrated the lives of those who perished in the Holocaust. We prayed, we broke bread with total strangers, and by the end, it was a truly close-knit community.

Blake Humphrey  •  student
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