Memory A Holocaust Survivors Story: Howard Chandler


Memory A Holocaust Survivors Story: Howard Chandler

In celebration of
Howard Chandler’s Remarkable Life and Legacy 95 and Thriving:
Join us in celebrating the incredible life of Howard Chandler, a Holocaust survivor whose journey spans resilience, courage, and the triumph of the human spirit.


Memory: A Holocaust Survivor?s Story tells the story of Howard Chandler an 83-year-old Holocaust survivor. We return to his home village in Poland and visit the concentration camps where he was imprisoned during World War II. We hear his story told in the places he lived and where many died. Often, families were torn apart. In a desperate attempt to save their children, parents made the agonizing decision to leave their little ones with strangers. And, frequently, children were left to fend for themselves. Howard Chandler was 14 and his story is reflected in the many memories of other children who survived the Holocaust.

Dennis Woytek

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