EVIL AT AUSCHWITZ By Charlene Foose Geyer, Dedicated to Howard Chandler

Don’t tell me evil is not real.
It’s as real as hair used to make rugs after shaving it off a person you are about to kill.
It’s as real as shoes collected from children and their families you are about to suffocate with chemicals
then burn to ash.
It’s as real as prosthetics stolen from the injured and ailing you are going to shoot because they are of
no use to you.
It’s as real as the terrible choice you force a mother to make as to which of her children she will let die.
It’s as real as a cattle car cramming people like sardines, without toilets, fresh air, or water.
It’s as real as the electrified fence a prisoner grasps after you take everything from him, including hope.
It’s as real as the club used to smash a child’s head while other children watch.
It’s as real as millions of names of murder victims filling a book so large it requires its own room.
It’s as real as forcing a young boy to hang his own parents then watch as he becomes an animal like you.
It’s as real as gas chambers made larger and built closer to the crematorium so you can make the killing
process more efficient.
It’s as real as plans to eradicate an entire race of people just to satisfy your own hatred and bigotry.
It’s as real as blowing up the evidence of your acts to try to prevent others from proving what you did.
Don’t tell me evil is not real.
I have seen it.

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