“Courage” By Kristina Rhoades

In foreign lands, where shadows did creep,
Hitler’s presence cast a chilling sleep.
His Eagle’s Nest, perched on high,
A symbol of oppression against the sky.

From its vantage point, the eagle surveyed,
A nation gripped by fear, lives betrayed.
Blinded by hate, Hitler’s heart aflame,
He sought dominion, to tarnish their name.

But in the darkness, resistance arose,
Defiance kindled, courage in those
Who refused to bow to the eagle’s glare,
Dreaming of a future, free from despair.

Now the Eagle’s Nest lies empty and cold,
A reminder of a story, painful and old.
A country rebuilt, its wounds embraced,
A beacon of hope, where beauty finds its place.

Kristina Rhoades

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