Flowers By Chessa Crum

I have seen a lot of upsetting things today. It brings the whole “I’m not prepared” blog post to a whole new level.  

We visited Auschwitz today…





Children’s drawings


So many names.



These were people. 

Husbands and wives.

 Children and babies.

I have a husband and two beautiful little girls. 

I cannot imagine the agony of being torn from the love of my life. My high school sweet heart. My best friend. Then try to explain to my children what is happening. Try and keep them calm and tell them that they are loved more than they will ever know. 

Or having them taken from me…Just because they haven’t had time to grow up.

My heart is breaking for these people who never got a chance to live.

When we got to the second camp I was feeling emotionally drained. It’s a lot to try and process.  I noticed some wild flowers. There were actually a ton of them everywhere. I started taking pictures of all the different ones I could find. I there probably weren’t many flowers when the camp was running during the war. 

But I wonder if there were any on the other side of the fence of any of these camps. And if there was what would these people think about them. Would they be longing for a garden they had in their home. Remembering a bouquet that was given to them. Or would it bring them just a sliver of joy to keep going for one more day?

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