Art and Remembrance inspired by the art and story of Holocaust survivor Esther Nisenthal Krinitz



The lessons from Esther’s art and story are immediate and understandable, nurturing empathy and courage, while her art brings the Holocaust to life in a markedly different way than the black-and-white photos more typical of the period. Drawing from Esther’s art and story, free educational materials offer students a way to comprehend the perseverance of a young girl within the context of historical events, using the Holocaust as the primary content. They are designed for grades 5 – 12. The lessons build essential skills for critical thinking, understanding primary resources, contextualizing current events, appreciating the importance of storytelling, and engaging young people in active participation in their community.

Two types of lessons are provided, along with fillable PDF graphic organizers and reference documents:

  1. Fully standards-aligned traditional lesson plans (PDFs)

  2. Online, interactive, multi-media Sutoris

The lessons address five core themes:

  1. Social Studies and History

  2. English Language Arts

  3. Art Appreciation and Art Integration

  4. Social Justice and Civic Engagement

  5. Jewish Studies

See FAQ for descriptions and the Guide to Using Lesson Plans

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