Processing yesterday’s news from Capitol Hill in D.C – January 6, 2021

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On January 6, 2021, Americans and the world, witnessed one of the most dangerous moments in the history of this Republic – a mob broke into the Capitol in an attempt to forcibly overturn the will of the people. At stake, was the future of the oldest democracy on earth. Our society is deeply divided and we live in an era where the very ideas of basic truth are under daily attack. It is within this kind of environment that minorities in societies all over the world throughout history, have found themselves under attack, often with tragic results. The Jewish people have been witness to, and on the receiving end of, these outrages throughout history. Although democracy is not perfect, it is the best system of government to protect the basic human rights of its citizens.

As an organization devoted to promoting tolerance, decency, truth, and democratic values, we openly condemn yesterday’s terrible assault on our democratic system. We must redouble our efforts to educate towards the acceptance of a diversity of opinions, to teach to respect others who do not think the way we do and help create a society that always has the greater good as its ultimate goal.

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